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If You Are Missing the Trend, your business may die slowly 

If You Are Missing the Trend, your business may die slowly  

Is your business present on the web? Are you efficiently promoting your services and products in today’s competitive market where your company can easily be ignored and slowly die?
According to Statista, the future of the retail e-commerce is bright. From 2018 to 2021, this sector will roll out a growth of 70% (from 16.92 to 28.66 US $ billion). We predict the service demand will follow this trend. 
Your presence on the web is now or you may miss the boat.
We can help to create and promote your web site and services.

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Your Website can be ready in a few days using WordPress

WordPress is a free open source cms, which are highly popular among the large and small businesses, entrepreneurs, and people to create websites eCommerce store and blogs. 
Our team of qualified developers will install, setup WordPress CMS, Upload and Install Theme or Configure Plugins. .
What exactly will we provide you through out this project:
1. Install WordPress on the Cpanel/Server;
2. Upload Theme and Demo Content same as Theme Sample;
3. Upload and Configure any types Plugins; 
4. Any Custom CSS work to do changes in theme layout and look;
5. Setup Slider/Cache/SEO Plugins to make it more valuable.
Cost > 2,450$ (70% off for A LIMITED TIME, PAY ONLY $735, 
GET EXTRA 20% off for 2-5 sites or for reference)
2- Hosting (one domain at WHCanada – Montreal server) > (free for 3 months on a sub-domain and then $275/ year or $25 month – one payment)
3-Marketing & Promotion > customer order – please contact us for a quotation-$)

Our past projects

4.1- E-commerce stores specializing in wireless electronic and gear for all your needs and productivity tasks.


        4.2- Non-for profit organizations - Consulting, business coaching and lending company with the mission to improving the lives of those living in the most impoverished regions of the world.


4.3 - Shopify e-commerce businesses using PayPal and Shopify selling platform and transaction gateway.


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