Team of Seasoned Professionals


George Massi, our project manager, worked in accounting auditing and taxation for many years. 
As a former CPA/CGA-Canada MemberMr. Massi started in public and private auditing, accounting and taxation, then continued as a lecturer, tutor, Entrepreneurship mentor, business consultant at Concordia University and in the Montreal/Canada area. He started and managed successfully five businesses before moving into finance, internet digital marketing, online business management and consulting. 
His passion and expertise are Entrepreurship, Finance, Stocks/Equity Market, Forex Market, Trading & Investment, Ecommerce Digital Marketing. 
For any inquiries about his services as a business consultant and mentor, George can be contacted at .

Project Management

Jocelyne Baker, our associate project manager, worked in the private sector as customer service manager as well as personnel and human resource supervisor. She is in charge of customers’ satisfaction and virtual assistants. Jocelyne can be contacted at

Support & Project Management

Nita Solima, our Assistant Project Manager, is a Social Media Management Expert. Ms. Solima has a university degree in Mass Communication and has a solid experience as a project manager and virtual assistant.  She is in charge of project management, customer satisfaction and virtual assistants. For any inquiries about her services as a consultant and independent contractor, Nita can be contacted at
nita torres

Support & Project Management

Daniela Bracho, our Assistant Project Manager, has a degree in Administration (B. Admin.) and has worked in the private sector. Mrs. Bracho is in charge of customers support. As a freelancer, she provides services such as virtual assistant and customer support help to corporations.  For any inquiries, Daniela can be contacted at 

Digital Marketing

Jessica Llewellyn, our Marketing Associate, is a Digital Marketer. Mrs Llewellyn has a degree in English Literature (M.A.) with four years experience working in a private sector specializing in digital marketing and possesses relevant professional experience with multinational businesses. She is in charge of E-commerce products promotion and marketing campaign strategies. As a freelancer and independent consultant, she provides services such as Facebook Page Management, Amazon Reviews, Blog or Article writing, SEO optimization, Photoshop Graphics Design, Proofreading. For any private consultation, Jessica can be contacted at

Ecommerce & Digital Marketing

Sandra TM, our Marketing Associate & Project Assistant, is a Digital Marketer. Ms.Sandra  has a  degree in  Graphic Designing (B.Sc.) and has a solid experience as an independent contractor and Digital Marketing Expert.  She is in charge of E-commerce products promotion and marketing campaign strategies in our mentorship program. Sandra  can be contacted at

 Marketing Expert

Ed Scalbert, our marketing expert, has an extensive experience in marketing and entrepreneurship. He managed and sold half a dozen businesses. He is in contact with suppliers and distributors on the global market. For any private consultation for his services, Ed can be contacted at


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